Yahoo and AOL will form new company called ... Oath


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Oct 28, 2017
Another powerful advertising platform is on it's way...
Yahoo and AOL are expected to form a new company under Verizon called Oath.
Verizon's goal was to use Yahoo's billion users to build an online advertising powerhouse to rival Google and Facebook.
These two companies were it back in the day. It is a welcome development to me and I look forward to their come back
this isnt really new to those in the industry...
I guess what they will bring in advertising side with this new platform will be great impact mostly on Internet marketers.
Google and Facebook will be having great competition with Oath this time
this is old news for those in the industry, to be honest the Oath organiztion is so chaotic and their so far behind the more effective guys (Google, FB, Amazon ) that unless thy'll do some serious re ordering they'll keep on dropping
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