YACG - Solved problem of broken links - mod_rewrite

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    Hey All,

    If you are having problems getting YACG to work check the status of mod_rewrite.

    It took me quite a while to figure out what was the matter with my YACG sites since none of the links seemed to work. As far as I know mod_rewrite is not listed in the requirements.

    A good resource to make a quick test to tell if mod_rewrite it working for you is located here:

    This helped me figure out I needed an "AllowOverride" directive in my httpd.conf file.

    Not all hosts have mod_rewrite enabled by default and most free hosts do not have it at all. Something I would have liked to have known a while ago as it would have saved me some time in troubleshooting.

    Hope that helps some of you. Sorry if this is old information for the forum.