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    First let me mention that the long awaited Version 2 will probably be released within weeks.:clap2:

    So why should you use it? I made sites with it and then jumped onto the mass scraper site bandwaggon. Good fun while it lasted but now spammy scrapers filled with gibberish will be banned in no time and you are lucky if your Adsense account doesn't go with it. Plus they are no good for affiliate products.

    Much better to have a whiteish sort of site with semi-useful information which will pass any human inspection and can be submitted to directories. (Then spam the daylights out if it)

    I mentioned in my previous post that you can still use it to make hundreds of doorway pages which are virtually undetectable and other dirty tricks.

    Here's another trick. To hide affiliate links, when you make a link you can set it to an internal relay page which will send visitors to the affiliate site.
    You can link to that page from outside XsitePro. Why? Well, if you had some spammy cloaker program or other dubious ways of getting traffic (like buying it) you send the traffic THROUGH your XsitePro site. Then the affiliate company thinks all the traffic is from your site and will have no reason to complain.

    There are several add-ons for XsitePro which are worth thinking about. One puts a set of little flags at the top of the page and will translate your site into nine languages. These actually create new pages which might attract Spanish, Chinese, etc visitors.

    Then there is Orwell Pro but I will make another post about that.

    Ok, making a website from scratch is hard work. Wow, that could take days or weeks! Unless..
    Unless you bought "off the shelf" sites to use as a starting place. Check out:

    Do people actually buy those? Yes and not newbies either. They are well thought out, well researched and have great graphics and PLR articles. Add some more articles and a few hundred doorway pages and away you go.
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    Thanks, more great info on XSitePro. I really need to revisit this software.
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    Thanks this is really helpful, keep comin' :)