XSitePro creator is presenting a Webinar

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    Paul Smithson, the creator of XSitePro is presenting a Webinar.

    In the sessions he will be covering incredibly important topics including:

    • [*]Designing killer websites with ease using XSitePro's beautiful templates
      [*] Inserting Audio/Video into your pages... in seconds
      [*] The powerful Image Library tool
      [*] Widgets - adding functionality to your page content
      [*] Inserting RSS content in just a few simple steps
      [*] Building mailing-lists using XSitePro's in-built name grab forms
      [*] Monetizing your site using Adsense, Amazon and PayPal tools
      [*] Time-releasing your page content on autopilot
      [*] Tapping into the mobile web market with XSitePro's Mobile Site Wizard
      [*] And so much more...

    Paul has scheduled three different webinars. At the webinar,
    you can learn more about what XSitePro is and what it can
    do for you.

    As you will see, the webinars are done at different times in order
    to accommodate viewers from around the world. You can
    check for the actual date and time according to where you are situated in the world by going to:

    Limited Places:

    To reserve your seat at one of these one-off presentations and to really get to check out the application before you part with a single cent, choose from the three available date-options below without delay.

    • [​IMG]
    • Date: Wednesday 2nd July 2008
    • Start Time: 05:00EDT (10:00am UK time)
    • Duration: Approx. 60mins

    • [​IMG]
      Date: Friday 4th July 2008
    • Start Time: Midday EDT (5:00pm UK time)
    • Duration: Approx. 60mins

    • [​IMG]
      Date: Sunday 6th July 2008
    • Start Time: 3:00pm EDT (8:00pm UK time)
    • Duration: Approx. 60mins

    Choose your session and register yourself today: