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    So my money site domain is about 15 months old, has about 100+ indexed pages and 100+ backlinks, I am starting to do seo now.

    What are the chances of I start doing xrummer/scapebox blasts consistently on a weekly basis that i will get blacklisted/sandboxed/whatever...

    Anyone have insight into this? Im trying to get on first page for my terms.

    P.S. I also have legit link build from article directories.
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    i got the same questions!
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    Dec 2, 2009
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    It's good that its 15 months old.

    Before you worry about xrumer/scrapebox I think you want to get the on-site SEO perfect, make sure you squeeze whatever you can out of the website.

    Also, you should make sure you know exactly which keywords you want rank for and HOW HARD it will be. If you need 500 low quality backlinks to rank in the top5 then you don't want to/need to do a big big xrumer blast weekly. Analyze the competition for your main keyword then figure something out.

    I wouldn't be worried about getting blacklisted or whatever, and if you ARE worried about that then the best thing to do would be to buy some .info domains and 301 redirect them to your money website. Use xrumer/scrapebox blasts to these .info domains. Do the same thing with web2.0 sites and point them to your money page. That way there is very little risk of your money site suffering/getting blacklisted.