Xrumer Thread Count!


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hi Guys.

I have a 4GB 2x 3.2 Ghz Dedicated Server with VolumeDrive.

On Xrumer - what should i put the thread count to?
What o you guys run your thread count at?

In the past week i have noticed that my Xrumer has been crashing and running out of memory... SO bad that i have put the thread count down to as long as 100!

Why could this be? Could this be to do with the quality of the Linklists?
Or could something have changed on my server?

Check your CPU.

Test with different number, you should select a number where your CPU remains between 90% and 100%.
Apply this patch (set the half-open connections limit to 1000). You can download and run TCP Optimizer as well.

Hey, this tool errors on windows 7 because the drivers folder is called "drivers" not "Drivers", is there a way round this? or is it not needed on windows 7?
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