XRumer plans for 2012

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    This sounds really good, let's see if they can keep their promise :)

    Dear customers of Botmaster Labs!

    In this topic will familiarize You with our plans for this year. We are glad to hear any proposals from you.

    Plans for next months

    We continue actively to work on development of the project. At the end of January were made some reorganization of working process, added new personnel to our team. Also, was thought out our next plan of actions for this year.

    It looks like this:


    Creating a Wiki-guide, it will finally contain detailed information about all features of the program. This will help to use and understand the program for beginners, and improve skills for experienced customers.

    Detailed list of measures to bypass StopForumSpam (and others similar services), is described in this topic.

    New contests ? of textual captcha and tutorials will have higher budget of prizes but also rules for participants will be more complicate. All types of machinations or other "small tricks" will be stopped, including with exclusion from the contest.

    Change of design of site will include not only changes in appearance, but also will be made in engine: will be added a poll, will be upgraded control system from accounts stealing, will be improved functionality of affiliate program, and of course will be increased usability of entire site. Work on this is already begun by our specialists.

    As well, it will be made monthly updates of software for increasing success rate, by teaching manually (by our team) to new types of engines, specific graphical and textual captcha and by adding additional functionality.

    XRumer 8.0: development of artificial intellect (AI)

    Common rule of work with almost all recourses is ?registration > login in > posting?. There are websites that don?t require registration for posting. If to represent this schematically, it will look like this:


    Websites that work according to this scheme are millions. It?s important to process all sites with analogical scheme of work. For this reason its need to do a set of measures for project improvement. Analyzing our databases, was found that XRumer frequently cannot post on many relatively simple websites because of 1-2 simple protection or some unknown fields in registration form or unknown graphical or textual captcha. Most probably program couldn?t find link to register/log/post. Such difficulty is associated with rigid, fixed schemes of work. Increasing flexibility and possibility of self-learning of software, also with help from all our customers, will make possible to teach XRumer to post on almost all websites from Internet.

    To solve this problem, in XRumer 8.0 should be developed six new directions:


    What is the aim of artificial intelligence (AI) in this system?

    The main element is a new improved tool of teaching XRumer of new fields, forms, and self-learning of unknown footprints of links / posts. The essence of the process is that the program can make conclusions of success / failure of its actions: if the attempt succeeded repeatedly then received "skill" will be fixed in ?the brain? of the program; if all attempts fail, then automatically will be decided to weed out received "skill". The steps of this process are described below.

    Steps of teaching of new algorithm

    It?s needed a new database of more than a billion of links, with diverse engine types.
    1. First of all, crawler will parse all domains from database; only for checking if on website exist any ?submit form?, this will be made via cluster of servers to improve speed of processing. We are planning to finish this step approximately in 1 month. As result we will have a huge database of sites that contain different submit forms.
    2. Second step, resulted database will be divided on several databases with 10 -50 millions of links, and will be distributed between all customers, who?ll participate in the process of teaching.
    3. All touched info from participants will be gathered on server, analyzed and filtered. It will be part of new XRumer 8.0, and all participants will have earlier access to XRumer 8.0 as bonus for their work.

    What result we can achieve?

    This method can increase success rate of software several times. Potential of XRumer 8.0 will be much higher than of previous version 7.0.

    What about other directions of development?

    Of course the work on plugins will be made in same time with developing of new method of teaching XRumer. Most probably, will be made new plugins to work with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

    Perspectives of this method

    When all steps of teaching XRumer to new engines will be automatized, the procedure can be repeated 1-2 times per year, by adding new information about changes on engines and entire Internet. This will help to maintain XRumer up to date for a long time. Of course, in same time will be made monthly update of software with manual teach to new engines and specific graphical and textual captcha. AI will open new perspectives for XRumer development.

    When should be expected release of XRumer 8.0?

    We plan to finish work on algorithm for self-learning in June. Respectively, release of XRumer 8.0 can be made in autumn.

    May be this is a big illusion?

    No, it is more than real plans. For us it?s logical mode to improve the project. It will be made a private blog with detailed information, screenshots and video about our current work.

    If you have any ideas and suggestions ? we will be glad to hear and discuss them.
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