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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Hello! I wanted to know if my license information is stored only in key.lic; for example, if I record a CD with my xrumer files, even after activating it, and I don't store key.lic in it, and if I format my pc for example, would I still be able of using it or I would need to request another key.lic ?

    I didnt want to store my Xrumer totally working in a CD, afraid of someone getting the hands on it. But if I get the files in the CD, and the key.lic in another place will my license be safe?!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 14, 2009
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    How we can secure key.lic file against theft?

    OP: check also xuser.ini there is also login and passwords. I think these are encrypted and somehow can be decrypted, not sure how to prevent theft? Anyone?
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    if you will format your pc you will need another hardware key for you pc.Because when you will used old key.lic it will says this is installed for another windows something like that.You can backup before if you want to delete xrumer folder want to install again or using for another mods just install xrumer copy key.lic and then open xrumer exe just put your user name and password and press enter. You have to restart xrumer and wait for verifying.
    Well if you will format your pc then you can install xrumer 1 license in two computers. If changing computer you have to wait a month.