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Apr 27, 2009
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Let me begin with no hype and sales page because i'm not good at make sales page :)

You probably know what xrumer is and things it can achieve for your search engine rankings. At any point of time you are welcome to ask me any questions you might have about xrumer or my service.

I'm are here to provide quality service and for a long haul. I'll be flexible and adding different features as per the customer needs. So always feel free to let me know what you need.

Prices Of Normal Blasts:

250k Blast - $30
500K Blast - $55
1 Million Blast - $90

Note : You can choose which blasts you prefer, profile or post but i will recommended to run profile as this one is less spammy

Turn Around Time Is Maximum 48 Hours.

If you want us to target your niche forums you need to send $30 extra.

Things I Need From You:
1.Your Name
2.Your Email
3.Your Website Title
4.Your Anchor Text
5.Your Website URL
6.Anything Customized You Might Want To Add In Your Messages.

If you have more then one keywords for your url you can give me that and i will rotating it on the blasts since blasting with that method will decreasing the chance of getting sandboxed by google

Once you had sent me the informations above, I'll send you my paypal email id. Then you make a payment and i'll start with your work. All Log details will be emailed to you upon completion of the service.

Right Now i only have 1 xrumer running so I'll take only as many as i can serve professionally. I'll email the remaining customers, the approx. time it will take for the slots to open or you can contact me using the contact information below.

If you had suggestion how to make my service better you can pm me or contact me via the contact information below ...


Email : [email protected]
Yahoo : nic_2509
AIM : nsetiono
GTalk : nsetiono
Skype : nsetiono
BHW PM : boiler
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OP is giving out free reviews, service approved.
I am interested, if the offer is still open. How many blasts is a free review? I'd be interested in a profile blast.

Thanks OP for offering free reviews. :)
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im order 250k Blast please pm and payment
i will make review after the result
Ill take a review copy if you would like to give me one

EDIT** Saw your post above nvm.

Thanks for offering anyhow.
sounds interesting, please PM me payment info on 250k blast
Im interested 250k Blast

do you allow porn site ?!
any discount for me if i write a review :)
Im interested 250k Blast

do you allow porn site ?!
any discount for me if i write a review :)

Thank you for your interest to my service :)

Yep, i don't mind blasting for porn site :)

Anyway my service is already cheap since i'm sorting all url i had harvested to make sure no negative PR url on it :)
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