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Xrumer Dedicated Servers, 2 Hour Advanced Video Tutorial for Xrumer + Hrefer, & Databases

Discussion in 'SEO - Link building' started by SharePro, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. SharePro


    Sep 18, 2008
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    You use their services at your own risk.

    Introduction: I'm ********. My http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/buy-sell-services/27106-xrumer-service-post-msgs-millions-forums-worldwide-traffic-sales-backlinks.html is the largest and most popular authority thread on the subject. Alex (Botmaster) is a good friend and supporter and has sent me many clients. I own an ISP and for over a year have provided Xrumer services to the BHW community.

    Important Note: If you don't have Xrumer, http://www.botmasternet.com/product6081/ Now!

    2 Hour Xrumer Training Video
    This is a 2 hour video demonstrating step by step how to use Xrumer, Hrefer, and perform advanced SEO Tricks.

    Feedback from BHW Clients who have Purchased the Video
    Basically, the video will teach you Xrumer + Hrefer inside and out, plus alot of advanced SEO methods - and some additional "off the wall" solutions.

    Important Note: I can also provide a email gateway solution allowing you to create unlimited amounts of email accounts via my servers for Xrumer for $35 a year, hence less than $3 a month.

    Xrumer "Zlink" Databases
    As many of you know, Xrumer is useless without powerful databases to increase your SERPS and market potential.

    There are 4 types of databases, but only one type of DB that really interests you. The "Zlinks" are databases of forums & blogs that have been "verified" as "captcha deciphered" websites ready to be posted on. Remember, you can use Hrefer to "target" 100k forums & blogs - but only less than 10 percent of those message boards are able to be posted on. Our Zlink databases save you time, money and resources.

    Zlinks Prices - Forums & Blogs
    Note: It would take the average person over 6 months on one server to create a Zlinks Database of 1 million forums & blogs.

    Xrumer Parser
    Xrumer produces by default very confusing logs. This parser will re-write the logs by putting the ACTIVATION links and "Invision/vbulletin/Yabb Forum links at the top of the list so that when you present the logs to clients - and they copy/paste the urls into a browser - they actually get results !

    Parser Software Price = $25

    Important Note: The server sits on the international fiber optic backbone in Israel which is way out of American jurisdiction. I own the ISP and the IP addresses are listed with my paypal email address. I never reveal my clients to anybody. http://whois.domaintools.com/ - which demonstrates that all complaint's arrive at my email. Most ISP's worldwide are not smart enough to understand the difference between forum promotion (which is legal) and illegal bulk email spam. As a result, many Xrumer customers come to me after being kicked off of other hosts.

    Important Note You can use the server for anything you'd like (Torrent, Xrumer, SeNuke, etc) but please do not use the server to spam email. I am not the police of the internet, nor do I even care if you hack the pentagon - but my IP addresses are important to me - and spamming email puts them on blacklists. So please do not spam email!

    Skype calls are reserved only for SEO & Dedicated Hosting Clients. :)

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