XP SP3 - Slow Connection After Upgrade?


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Mar 27, 2008
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Sorry to post a Windows issue on BHW but this is really a last resort for me. I had to upgrade XP to SP3 and since I did, my broadband speed has dropped by literally 99% +....which makes it very hard to do IM without the I.

I have searched everywhere for a solution and I am just here looking to see if someone has experienced a similar problem. I know that there is nothing wrong with my connection, I don't use a router and the weird thing is that I can go to micros0ft.com and download a large file at my normal speed of say 600kb/sec but if I go to rapidshare, I download at about 2kb/sec. It almost seems like a firewall is blocking something but I have disabled the windows firewall and antivirus but the issue remains. Rolling back to SP2 restores the connection but that is just a temp fix.

So ya, if you have any suggestions, please PM me. Thanks!

start there

edit: dont pick an insane number unless your going to use it (ie. xrumer), set it to something sane, 100 is good for most people, anything upto 5000 if you do insane things
Just let SP3 go and go for Vista. I dont know your stand on piracy, but a dl wont take long on your connection.

Btw, try different browsers, uninstall and reinstall your internet adapter driver at device manager, --- and try contacting Microsoft.... just contact them.. they would probably be able to solve your problem in minutes.
Thanks for the link. I have tried a similar fix the last time I tried to upgrade to SP3 and set the value at 256...it didn't help. I will try this though for sure.
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