Xmas Domain Giveaway To Noobies


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Feb 12, 2008
Im giving away 6 random NNLL.com to 3 members(2 each) who will post their Name.com account code here. If you dont have a name.com account, make one. Ill push it immediately after you post your account code here. Happy Holidays!
my accounts carryout. Wheres my number @ snowwhite :)

edit Account Code: 190070-2a5b252
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I don't need but much love for your xmas spirit, Im sure some members will love you for this.

props given
Can I nominate somebody who doesn't have a .com? The guy/kid said earlier this week he didn't have the money for a domain or hosting, but I am sure it would help him. If so, I will look for his thread. Thanks for the Christmas spirit tho.

I will try to notify him, but I don't think he will be able to post a .com name. You know you inspired me, if I can find his post, I will give him two myself. If I can't find him, I will give the two away to two other members.
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Creating .name acct now, plz hold a spot for me <3 190076-4e9293b
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Thats real cool of you snowhite .........BH members are awesome ..MErry CHristMas tOooo EveryOne
Any reason you skipped me for a VIP with 112 thanks and 515 posts.... the thread says for noobies :( I made a name acct as fast as I could and now have it for no reason lol
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