xGen SEO vs Senuke


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Apr 7, 2010
I wonder what xGen SEO users have to say about this product in comparison to its (more advanced?) competitor?

I have neither of these tools yet (considering), but have heard that xGen SEO is lighter and less buggy than Nuke.

From the videos I've seen Nuke seem to have more features (if am not mistaken auto web 2.0 profile creation with spinning - didn't notice if xGen spins them). also didn't see if xGen can grab more than 1 URL from the list to randomly place them in profiles along with RSS feeds.

Can anybody who have used both compare for th price?
I agree with der.brain, Xgen SEO no where close to SE Nuke... Se nuke contains arund 350+ follow and no follow links... where as xgen hardly has around 30 to 40 web2.0.. you can imagine the power of se nuke...
Inspite of paying 129$ per month, we have to pay for the captcha services, which is really bad.....
SENuke > xGen SEO

I used xGen for about a month and then switched back to SENuke. xGen was just way too slow for me. Accomplished the same thing with SENuke in a fraction of the time.
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Dont use xGen....its so slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Senuke is lighting fast, even little buggy
xgen has better automation, but it's freakin' slow and never creates acc. on all sites.

However, it made me 70$ with just one lousy run-scraped content-not rewritten,without video,without article on art.dir.-run was just a test-only web20 + bookmarking on autopilot....But, ditched it, and using MS

Use 7 day free-trial and see how sloooooooooooow it is.
I tried xgen but it was so slow that i closed... Senuke stills the best tool in the market..
Well, SENuke is better than xGen SEO. Thats pretty easy to see.

But SENuke isnt even close to the most advanced or easiest to use. And it is far behind the GOOD SEO software out there.
Although I agree that XGEN SEO does not have as many sites as SEnuke, it has a much better automation in my experience. It is also much more user friendly
I've tried xgen seo for a week. It's more user friendly than SeNuke, has automatic captcha solving, but sometime you have to insert your captcha manually. Have less web 2.0 site, but email creation and account creation is so simple that I prefer to use instead of senuke.

Senuke has a lot of tools inside that made is so powerful...but you should have time to learn and money to pay the monthly fee. For a beginner I suggest XgenSeo, but for a real blackhatter Senuke is the best.
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