WTH Wordpress Plugin Programer

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    WTH Wordpress Plugin Programer

    I need a wordpress plugin compaitable for 2.6x

    This plugin should be able to display in page

    Anime Serise: Dropdownlist (Show all existing category)

    Episode No: (TextField)

    Embed Code: TextArea

    Image Catcha - Prefer using Recaptcha Technology ( i just need input private key and public key)

    Submit Button

    Show a message upon submit button

    * Your video submission has been posted, it will be review by a admin soon *

    And this plugin will do create this post as unpublished, the

    Title will be base on
    DropDownList + Episode No (e.g Family Guy 1)
    Tag is same value as Title.
    HTML Code will be = the embed code.
    Category is the checked *as prior to the selected category on the submission.

    I want all post to be under unpublished till a admin approve. - Anyone can submit .

    Anyone who capable of this plugin can send me a p.m, prefer job done within 24 hours.

    Payment Mode: Paypal
    Price: $20 usd.