[WTH] Who can submit toolbars of my clients to Softare sharing Sites?

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    Im looking for someone who can submit the toolbars of my clients to Software sharing Sites ... the purpose is SEO and to receive Backlinks from these Sites!

    There are plenty of one time fee tools out there to submit toolbars but i dont got the time to do this myself. I dont care which tool or service you use. I just need to outsource this task!

    If you are capable to do so, please pm me to how many sites you can submit the toolbars to, if you create new accounts on all sites and if i get full access to the accounts after submitting the toolbars, the price per submission and how to deliver the toolbar to you!

    Thank you

    P.S Im looking for someone who can submit Videos to Video sites like YT and Co. too!