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    I need someone to verify a paypal account for me..Photo ID needed & 'confirm a bank account' which can also be verified by a bank statement/credit card. I want to verify this so I can use it on egay & get the cash out. Let me know if you can do it & for how much.
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    Where are you located at? as far as a social security number, just register to get a tax ID number and call up paypal and have them apply that as the social.

    As for photo ID card, you can have someone photoshop one real easy along with a phone bill with the address you placed on your paypal account.

    To verify a bank, you can use something like accountnowvisa.com or something similar, they give you the routing and account # for direct deposit and you can use that to verify bank on your paypal account, when you get the card in the mail, you can also use the card to verify the credit card on your account.

    These are the methods that I have taken to open up me another paypal account at one time, worked like a charm.
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