WTH: Someone to Send 120K Emails.

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    I have the capabilites to to sent these emails but I dont have the time and it would take me 3 weeks to get them all out safely with my method. I would rather just hire someone to do this.

    I need 1 email sent to all 120K email addresses. This is not spam I am sending to these people. I am sending these people something of interest to them (specific niche) with a chance to opt into my aweber mailing list with an incentive. I expect high opt in rates.

    We will be sending in 5-10K increments at first to test a few variations of the email to get a feel for conversions. I would like to get all the emails out within a week. This makes time for testing.

    You MUST be reputable and be able to provide me with references and prove you've done successful mailings in the past.

    You will send ONLY my email message to these emails. No Spam.

    I dont expect immediate profits from this so it would be difficult to share any profits right off. However I could allow you to market anything you want to this list once I have some opt in subscribers.

    Again, this is a very specific niche that I have created a website for and will be converting to opt in subscribers for my Newsletter. I will be sending them promotions on a weekly basis so I could get you in on some of the action there. Let me know what you think.

    Or forget about all this waiting to convert subscribers and just give me a flat out price to send these emails.

    I do not want you to send to this list when we are finished. This list has been seeded so I will know.