(WTH) Professional Sales/Phone Rep. to Secure Advertising Clients 75% $100-200 per slot

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    Need a solid offline sales person to help me secure monthly advertisers. It turns out I am not very good on the other side of the screen doing offline sales by my latest venture into the whole "Ranking top 3 Dentists" Current and first site trying it on is Renton (Washington), site was obviously gravy to get on first page of google as well as Yahoo and Bing, I just need advertisers and am not good at cold calls. I have built up courage to call half a dozen or so dentist offices some of whom were interested and wanted me to call back or would think about it, check out site, etc. but nothing came of it. I need to partner with 1 person who is good at this, I will begin to crank sites out like mad if you can secure the slots, preferably in advance. **Please disregard % in title could not edit title, Payments are $100 to $150 (50%) one time payment only paid per successful advertisement slot filled. Meaning I am offering 3 slots for the entire sidebar and the first advertiser has option to secure top slot only for $300 month or rotation in all 3 for $200 or buy entire sidebar for $600 month. So, you will get $150 to secure top slot, $100 each for bottom 2, can discuss ability to negotiate if terms are too expensive to secure advertisers. Note this could turn into a lengthy profitable gig as I will continue building and ranking sites as long as you can secure advertisers for them. PM for details/as well as my brainstorming ideas thus far, will get you up to speed to where I am at and where I need to go.
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