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    I am looking for reliable spinners for consistent work. I currently employ 10+ out-of-house writers, a majority of whom have been with me for over a year. Currently I have an overflow of spinning jobs available, so I am looking for a reliable spinner to fill the spot. Please only respond if you have experience in spinning (variation writing).

    I need someone that can do a minimum of 10 spins per day, 5 days a week. Most of my experienced spinners do 3-4 spins/hour, making this a 3 hour/day commitment. (15 hours/week)

    Variation Quality
    The quality of the variations is of the utmost importance to me. I require that every generated version is 100% grammatically correct.

    Minimum Spinning
    I use my own calculation to figure out the "spinning score." It is a combination of total number of variations, and number of words per variation. (so you get rewarded more if you spin phrases, and not just single words). The minimum spinning score is roughly 70% spun percentage.

    Quality Control
    Each submitted spun article is automatically checked for minimum spinning and manually checked for variation quality. If your work does not meet the standards above, please do not pursue this.

    $3 per spin of a 500-600 word article.
    I pay all workers at the beginning of each month, for the work done in the previous work. I can pay more frequently for the first 1-2 months.

    Please PM me a spinning sample and your instant messenger. I will contact you immediately. I will give you a few articles to spin at first and if I am satisfied with the quality, you will earn the position.