[WTH] Like News Feed Script (Not Facebook)

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    [WTH] Like News Feed Script (Not Facebook)

    There this forex trading site which post news feed at
    I need a code that written in php or any code as long i can run in background 24/7 , i want it able to like every news feed post there with my account.

    How its work manually is i will create a free account

    Then i like the feed by press Like on the news feed.

    Thats all, i not advertising any site or what, i need the script to be written and able to run in window server or window 7 / xp etc.

    Payment: Paypal
    Amount: To be Quote by you.
    Turnaround time: Within 24 hours .

    Thanks pm me if you can do it. and please look at the code first before you tell me you can do it and how long u take and total cost for the project.
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    I will try to help you with this one, sending you a PM.