[WTH] Full-time private proxy seller (hourly base pay + recurring commission)

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    Oct 23, 2010
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    What's in it for you:
    - You will be our official BHW sales contact.
    - For every new customer you sign up, you get X% of their recurring payments for as long as they are a customer. So over time, you can get automatic recurring income from your customer base.
    - Base pay of $Z/hr. If your sales commissions don't exceed $Z/hr, I guarantee payment of $Z/hr for your time. Though, understand that our contract does depend on your ability to effectively sell proxies in the long term.
    - Sign-up bonus of $Y. I always give my new partners a deposit. Feel free to run away with the deposit-- it saves me the time of working with someone untrustworthy.
    - I have thousands of high-quality proxies and you will be able to compete on price with every proxy provider out there.

    What I need:
    - Professionalism: you will be representing my company
    - Consistency: Willingness to commit time (5+ hours) every day.
    - Knowledge or willingness to research + learn about proxy customers.
    - Willingness to be available on sales chat (on our website to help convert visitors)
    - Willingness to help with support as necessary (though you will not need to do this initially)

    Interested? Message me with your Skype chat id and let's talk!