[WTH] Experience Woo Commerce on Product Bundle + Mix & Match

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    I need to hire a woo-commerce expert.

    I have this requirement:

    Product are sell in bundle of 5, 10, 15

    If user choose bundle of 5, they are entitle to 3 products in "normal" category and 2 products in "unique" category.

    They can choose to take 5 normal category products.
    They are allow to mix normal + unique(not more than 2) to form 5 for bundle of 5.

    For bundle of 10, they are allow to choose 6 products in normal category and 4 products in unique category.

    So do 15 is equal to 9 products in normal and 6 products in unique category.

    The selection display is in this manner.

    * Each thumbnail will have a - and + sign to increase or decrease their quantity, there will be a floating display of the selected "normal" and "unique" products. If user choose to check out without requirement, error will appear. Else they will be bring to the check out page and with the product as "Bundle of 5" (example) and below is the listing of the normal & unique that they chosen.


    Thumbnails of all "products" under normal


    Thumbnails of all "products" under unique

    Anyone who can deliver this in less than 1 day(if you are experience or do before) do pm me and I will award the proj to u.

    Tell me your price, TAT & payment mode is via paypal.