[WTH] Article writers with great written English to produce viral content for a Wordpress

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    We are looking for talented writers to produce and upload viral articles for our site. The articles can be original or taken and rewritten from sites like ebaumsworld, buzzfeed, viralnova etc. If you have applied for one of my other job postings you can still apply this one if you think you have the skills necessary.

    Pay: Will be discussed based on availability. You will be paid a monthly salary depending on the amount of hours you work each week.


    Countries accepted:

    Languages accepted:
    English - Must have great written and spoken English.

    Ages Accepted:

    Skills required:

    • Must have great written English and be able to write articles for native English speakers without grammatical errors.
    • Must have knowledge of Wordpress and be able to format Wordpress posts to our liking.

    Software needed:

    • Internet browser
    • Google Hangouts

    Times needed:
    No specific working times will be given. You would be required to produce 7, 14, or 21 articles per week depending on your availability.

    Job Role:
    Your job will be to scour the internet for the best trending articles and stories and create articles with potential to go viral through social media.

    Applicants task:
    All applicants will be required to complete a short task to display their skill-set.

    If you think you are capable drop me a message.

    Please contact me quoting "BHW Article Creator" so I can refer you to the right person.

    Skype: lee.smith118

    (Please don't send me a pm through bhw)

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    Lee, I've added you on Skype. I also left you a message on Skype.
    Let's touch-base when you're free.

    Thank you.
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    I've also left a message as well on Skype. Hit me up when you can. Have a fantastic day.