[WTH] A good (no, GREAT) copywriter for a sales page

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    I'll be short and to the point:

    If you're a copywriter who is not good but amazing, has LOTS of experience writing sales copy for e-products and are available immediately then I've got an opportunity for you.

    Meathead1234 (from this forum) and I are about to launch our ultra-mega-hyper-super-successful WSO to the general public in a matter of weeks, and we need you to re-write our (already good) WSO sales copy so that it would be appealing to the non-IM audience!

    The product is on the topic of Site Flipping, and it's a fantastic product so it'll be a joy writing the copy for it as no false hype etc. is needed.

    If you are who we're looking for then send me an e-mail (No PMs, I don't check them that often) at bryan(at)killerflippingsecrets(dot)com, and include the following:

    • At least 3-4 examples of your previous work
    • How long do you think the job will take
    • Your price

    NB! We're in a hurry with this one and therefore we'll make the decision latest tomorrow (18th May) afternoon. But if you're good then we might not even wait this long!