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    May 17, 2009
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    I need a bot with proxy and browser support, i think something made with uBot.

    Here`s the project details:

    I have an excel file with columns from A -> G (you can see the example below). Now, i want to import this excel file into the uBot program and when i press <Start> the program will start visiting, one by one, the websites from "Column A".


    Now... the program will go, one by one, to every location that is mentioned in the "Column A". When he is visiting the first website (A2) if he finds FIELDS with Name, Email, Subject, Comment, Phone, Website in that page he will automatically fill those fields... BUT, only me (the user) i will click <SUBMIT>/<Send Comment> --> This is a must since some websites have captcha...

    Now, after I click <SUBMIT> and i`m sure that the comment was sent, I will give the program the option to go website from A3, and there the program will auto-fill the fields....

    ...and so on...

    It`s like a Manual Directory Submit... i`ve seen this in some softwares that lets you submit your site to directories...

    ...A must for this project is the ability to have proxy support, and to change the proxy every time a new website is opened.

    Another thing...

    If the program visits the website from A2 ... in the upper part of the screen, right above the navigation screen, i want to see the fields for that website and to have the ability to change them and click RE-FILL. This is a must, since maybe i want to change my comment a little bit. If in the excel the field responsible for Website is empty, then the program will show me empty field.

    Also a must, all fields from the excel file that will shop up above the navigation screen i want to be connected with a special key combination. So, if (for example) i press CTRL - A then the program will paste the datas from the NAME FIELD... This is because, in some websites, some fields have other id`s to be recognized by, so (i think) the program cannot recognize them, so i will have to paste them manually.

    This is the project, if you think you can do this, please PM...

    I`m waiting for offers and question.

  2. Jay t


    Dec 13, 2011
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    Hello Mate,

    please send me more details via PM or hit me up on skype at jayendra.tiwari . so that we can discuss the project in a easier way .

    I am having exp working on ubot studio.

    Jay T.
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    Can make desktop application for you in C# if interested pm me.