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WTF! Yahoo mail!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jdog37, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. jdog37

    jdog37 Power Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    unemployed electrician
    I'm drunk and nothing cool is happening so I figure I'll fuck with some of the spammers sending me messages to my yahoo.

    There is a credit report offer there and I reply with:

    I personally have unsubscribed from this email on 3 different occasions and as of such you have not and I REPEAT NOT REMOVED ME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST.
    Unless you want to be reported you will not only remove me but send an apology letter stating that it was in your error of continually sending this spam to my inbox.
    Otherwise I have no default but to consider charges against you as per the can spam law and any others as well as a lawsuit for indiction of privacy, harassment, as well as just pissing me off in general.
    So take me off the list or suffer the consequences!

    I'm making up words and fucking around and when I hit the send button, fucking yahoo wants me to enter a captcha. Not just any captcha either. This motherfucker is like 10 characters long.

    WTF? I am replying to some spammer MF and I gotta enter a captcha to respond.

    I'm sure yahoo sucks and wil get many responses saying so but they where the firt email provider I signed up with and all my main shit goes there.

    Just needed to get this off my chest.....can't even fuck with spammers without a captcha.....hmmm!
  2. heiny

    heiny Regular Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    Only one left is h0000tmale to spam from since now Gmail has cracked down on the GEAS guys
  3. oni3350

    oni3350 Regular Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    Internet Marketer/ Black Hatter
    Perth, Western Australia
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    I once had a friend who was a really really good hacker and he told me that just by responding to them fucking spam emails about you won the lottery or whatever they can connect to your account and take it over.........
  4. NX_NULL

    NX_NULL Regular Member Premium Member

    Dec 31, 2008
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    Professional spammers usually remove emails which has unsubscribe within a week
    but u know what, once your email get into a list it will spread in internet and it will exchange with many spammers

    and noob spammers would never stop sending spam if even you unsubscribe