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    Jun 18, 2009
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    Alright the first day I started my campaign on Facebook they suggested I bid between $0.80-$1.27 so I bid $0.80. I get 30 clicks and only 2 conversions. ($11.25 per conversion)

    So first day im at a $1.5 loss. Not bad considering im still learning and im making my money back with BH leads. Facebook is just to get some legit leads.

    Now today is day 2 and I go into my FB PPC, I see im not getting any impressions? I go to check my ad and I see they changed my suggested bid.
    Now its (Suggested Bid: 1.97 - 2.39 USD) Wtf?

    Anyone know how to get it lower?

    Im targetting US age 24-old

    And dont you guys also get pissed at people just clicking ads? I mean dont fucking click if ur not ineterested ur wasting my cash lol.
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    I'd say the CTR on your first run was low enough that in order to continue running ads, they've raised your "minimum" bid. The only way to get your bids lower is to get a higher CTR which means better targeting and/or better ad.