WTF SERPFOX?! Is SF Not Good For Tracking Local Anymore?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BreaknBrix, Dec 3, 2014.

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    I've been using Serpfox for years to track keywords. Back in the day if it showed a local keyword rankings in x position, I could >>ALWAYS confirm those rankings manually in incognito.

    These days however... things have gotten very weird.

    This past week, according to Serpfox, our main business has gained **7** of its primary keywords on page 1 of Google. So we basically went from having NONE Of our primaries on page 1 (just long tails) to now having 7 of our most prized keywords on page 1.

    Here is the shot:


    These new rankings, IF TRUE, are worth a lot of $$$ to us.

    The problem is, I can only confirm 4 out of 7 of these keywords through incognito. I find it ironic that our 3 most competitive keywords... I can not confirm manually.

    I believe this issue has come up many times. But I've never seen a real answer for it. Most of the time people just say "use multiple rank trackers". And I already have 2 other trackers I'm gonna add these keywords to. At the same time, I need a way to account for WHY Serpfox is doing this. It's showing that our most prized, profitable, and competitive keyword is ranking #5 (the last one) but I can't confirm it manually.

    I have a bunch of local, full-anonymous proxies. Should I started plugging them in 1 by 1 and searching? Is this an IP thing?

    Here is another question. I've been thinking about this as a potential business idea. Local marketers NEED a keyword tracker that can track from various different regions in their state. My idea is this. You subscribe for some tracking software. Then you also pay for a bunch of local proxies in your area. That way you can track the rankings for the same sets of keywords in various different areas of your state.

    Like... why hasn't someone created a tracker like this yet? For national keywords, serpfox/serpbook is fine. 98% of the time I can confirm those rankings manually. For local, I need something that displays results from specific regions/areas that I choose. And I don't know of any software out there that can do this.

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    Google's Datacenter is not centralized and all the local search results are., well, localized.

    A page ranking on top of the search results in Oregon may not exist in the front page if you search for the same keyword from Virginia.

    But your Idea is great, I may build something similar very soon. Thanks. :)
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    Thats not really needed and neither are local proxies. You can modify your location using Google's search parameters so that you scrape the results as if you're located there.

    But do keep in mind that the location isn't the only way they personalize results. They use the IP, cookies, and data from your Google account (if logged in) to personalize the results based on your previous search history and websites they know you've visited.