{WTB|WTH} {writer|content producer} who writes spyntax

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    Just like the title says, I'm looking for someone who can write decent spinnable articles (for use as comments on blogs). Spinable articles, for you writers who don't know, use spintax (spelling? hah) like so:

    I {am now|am currently} in need of {a great|a super|a fantastic} {writer|content producer} who can {write|produce} articles in this format.

    The sentence structure makes sense no matter which of the words in the { } are selected, allowing many unique articles to be written from one base. Obviously, I need someone better at it then I am.

    The 'articles' (comments) should be 3-4 sentences long (after spinning has been done!!), and be about 150-200 total words (ibefore any spinning is done)., allowing the final product to be about 50-75 words long.

    The articles must be:

    • good, generic comments that fit into the categories I give you (for example, loan modification, credit reports, weight loss, etc.)
    • they must be personable, and read like a regular comment
    • written like a person who knows and writes good sounding, gramatically correct english. i don't care where you're from, i do care how what I'm paying for reads.
    • you must have a turnaround time of 12-24 hours for 25 of these comments. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot deliver in a timely manner, do not bother applying.

    I need someone who is reliable to write starting next week (Monday) and on an ongoing basis (100 or so comments a week). I pay by PayPal, but I can be flexible for the right writer if need be. These will be used as comments, and I will reward stickyness (ie comments written so well that they give me a higher then average amount of comments that appear on the blogs I put them on..).

    I am not cheap. If you write quality articles I am willing to pay very well for them. I pay on time, every time. If you over deliver I am willing to give you bonuses. In short, working with me will be one of the better experiences you have working online.

    I am willing to pay for the right writer. Please post or PM me with you rates and samples if you would like (not required, but it'll get you a job a lot faster with me).
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    I can provide writers to you for doing these in regular basis let me know bro ! thx !!
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    Could u PM me with a sample article that need to spin?

    I will try to spin it for you.Then,you could decide if i'm good enough for your spinning job.
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    I have sent a sample. Please check and let me know