[WTB] Web 2.0 Properties Built, Content Altered & Mounted + Links

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    I need about 30-50 Web 2.0 properties/profiles built (you recommend # based on your packages offered)

    + bio content that I will provide mounted (with slight alterations for each mounting to avoid dup issues as much as possible)

    + some link hitting (nothing too hard as I need these to hit page one) for a 'name'

    I will need to be given full control after the accounts are created and content altered (by you) and mounted.

    I will need communication via skype and/or email in the beginning so we're on the same sheet of music with what needs to happen.

    Please only reply or PM if you've done this type of ranking work for a 'name' before.

    SENukers, EVOers and byhanders...apply. I'm cool with tool use obviously, I just need to 'get it done' and get these puppies ranking and I have to sub this out as I just don't have the time to rock it out myself right now.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing what-cha-got.


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    skype me