[WTB] Longterm Business Adwords/FB New Accounts/Solution

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    Hello everyone,

    So I haven't been able to advertise with Google and FB since a while. FB because I attached a PayPal account that I have in another country (it's completely legit though), I also lost my account with Google about a year ago.

    I'm open to different solutions to these situations including:
    - Help or guiding to safely create new accounts and advertise again.
    - Buying ready-made, activated and fully working accounts (may need proof).

    Take note that I do not prefer the disposable account route, meaning I hugely prefer a solution where I can create a new account and be able to recharge its balance and all opposing to using "burn" accounts with vouchers and throwing them in the trash after the voucher is used up. I'll be looking to advertise completely legit websites for long term and hence I highly prefer an approach that would allow me to settle down with one account.

    That said, any kind of solutions are welcome but I'll be picking the most hassle free one for me even if it's rather more expensive than other solutions.

    Please post the general idea you have in mind in the thread then PM me details, pricing and ways to get in touch with you.