WTB list cleaning + spam trap cleaning

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    The list is double opt-in, 100% spam complaint I have IP's of every one in the list + the site they used to sign up for.

    I will have this information available on spot for complaint request

    I was emailing just fine until one month my list had multiple
    spam traps in it, and blacklisted a bunch of my ip's.

    If you can provide this server please send your price per a 100,000
    and let me know if you have discounts for larger, also let me know
    what method you will be using.

    If your using any type of method that involves sending emails than you
    must send a message I say.

    Please do not post on this thread unless we come to a agreement,
    but rather send a pm.

    in your pm include your price, if your willing to discount a price
    for a very large list, send me your skype

    -Thank you