[WTB] Instagram Email Scraper


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Jul 11, 2019
Looking for a tool that can mine Instagram email addresses at scale.

Specifically - able to mine 100,000+ email addresses per day.

Using Jarvee, for whatever reason, I am only able to get around 4000-5000 emails per day with 3,000 scrapers. Half the time the emails are missing as well. This is not acceptable as each account is only providing 2 emails per day....


- Tool must include API call limits (rest after X amount of API calls), delays if too many API calls within X seconds, delays on API errors/calls per day/hour (screenshot attached)

- Tool must be able to scrape with X amount of scrapers simultaneously, so that we could get 10,000's of thousands of emails per day with let's say 3,000 scrapers.

- Tool must be able to filter through a raw username list and only scrape emails who have between X-X followers. For example, only scrape from profiles that have 5,000+ followers, remove accounts with less than 5k, then get emails from these 5k+ accounts. Or however which way would be faster/better.

Please let me know approximate prices.



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the simple reason jarvee can't do this anymore is not jarvee. Instagram analyzes account behaviour, and you simply can't only scrape anymore. If you don't want to lose your accounts at a high rate, you need to have them do a variety of actions, appear human. To do this with 3000 accounts is no small feat. If you want to discuss DM me please.
In worse case the 1 account can scrape at least 140-150 msils. It'll be best if the target profiles are filtered first.
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