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    Jul 15, 2010
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    i want to buy ready made viral facebook apps..
    pm me
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    Jan 8, 2012
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    Don't know if this suits you. This was a FB game that I did last year just for fun. Here is the link:


    Please keep in mind that the game name is in Hindi (Indian), but gameplay is in English. In English the game name would translate to something like FLY SWATTERING ***** (idk really). If you want I can create new images and logos with new game name (what ever you suggest). Currently when you start this game it will store the FB user name and email in a database automatically. I can also integrate the system with interspire api, so that whenever a user plays the game for the first time, he will be added automatically to your interspire campaign and start to send a series of emails (that you have created for the campaign previously). This is completely hands free email marketing.

    Also note that the options to like the page and invite friends (at the top of the game) are very useful. although I have made them optional in my game. But I can make them compulsory like, user have to like the page to unlock first level (or maybe 2nd level) and Invite atleast 20 friends to unlock 3rd level or 4th level, etc. Game only has five levels.

    forgot to mention, it posts on user wall, when he starts the game and when he achieve best score. an also modify it to post on friends wall, but that can cause to get app ban soon.

    If interested than let me know by PM and we can discuss further. If you are looking for even simpler app, and have some idea, then I create them for you. I had used FB PPC for 1 month last year for it.
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