[WTB] Custom Printed T-Shirt & Mugs + Custom Designed Denim Suppliers in India

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    Hey Guys,

    We're looking for 2 different providers.

    1. Custom Printed T-shirt, Pillows & Mugs Dropshippers.

    This should be on an order-to-order basis. A portal will be up by the end of this month that will be the sole-selling point for now. If it takes off, we'll be in touch with various outlets to display our t-shirts.

    Will require customized branding (such as tags and secondary tags) and a very high quality product.

    Looking for a supplier that can work with a high resolution JPEG and produce great results.

    Online order flow is appreciated, but not mandatory.

    2. Custom Designed Denim Jeans and Jackets

    This is a store exclusive, for a brand.

    We'll need jeans and jackets with unique designs built for a specific demographic.

    Please convey MOQ when initiating a dialogue. We'd like to work with someone who can produce the clothing for the brand, while the brand retains all rights to the same.

    Once again, very high quality material needed.

    I can be reached at [email protected]

    Please only get in touch if you're a supplier, I am not looking to deal with middlemen.

    Also, please don't reply with "Email me on [email protected]" or "Add me on Skype xxxx" - none of those will happen.

    Please email with your detailed provisional details.

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    I own a Wholesale Shop, Does It mean i can sent you the proposal ?

    I am from India.