[WTA] A Clone Blog - Does It Bring Any Good?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by wgn_white, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Hello guys.

    I just want to ask.
    Whether what I'm doing here is good, bring harm or just noting.

    I make a blog using WordPress self hosted.

    And then I make another blog using wordpress.com and blogspot and clone my blog which is self hosted.

    I copy everything, like the domain. For example if my domain is like kickyourass.com I will put the domain as kickyourass.wordpress.com and also kickyourass.blogspot.com.

    I also copy the exact tagline, keyword, categories.

    And the navigation menu for the clone blog such as About, Contacts, Privacy Policy, I link back to my kickyourass.com.

    And then each time I post on kickyourass.com I will divide the post into two section and paste the top half into the clone blog and at the bottom of the post I will put,

    Read more about [post] >> just like normal "read more" link look like but I will link it to the post at kickyourass.com

    While putting this as one kind of syndication in mind I afraid that it do harm my kickyourass.com blog or am I just wasting time doing those?

    Beside that, I will use pingler and then ping the post at kickyourass.com and then also the post at wordpress.com and the blogspot clone blog.

    Anyone please enlighten me... :eek:
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    In theory it's OK but only if you do it in automatic way (post by email). If you do in manual way, It's not reasonable in return.