Writing Effective Titles - How to Get People to Read Your Articles 5 Minute Article

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    Writing Effective Titles - How to Get People to Read Your

    5 Minute Article -> 70% CTR -> 300-400 Unique Visits/Day

    In today's world, the internet provides limitless source of
    information. If the title of your article is not
    interesting, people will simply move on to the next one.
    Even the best article ever written will get very little
    reading if the title does not pique people's interest.
    There are three basic rules you should follow to write
    effective titles.

    Grab the Attention of Your Readers

    With all the choices out there, you really only get one
    chance to get people to read you article. Make it count.
    Create a title that makes your reader want to know more. Do
    not be afraid to exaggerate or use humor as long as the
    subject of your article is still clear.

    Make Sure the Title is Relevant

    A good title will attract the reader?s attention but if it
    does not tell you, what the article is about it is
    worthless. A reader that is attracted to a title but then
    finds that the article is about something completely
    different will be irritated. This reader is the unlikely to
    finish reading your article or read anything else you

    Make Sure It Is Search Engine Friendly

    When dealing with the internet it is important to remember
    that, everyone uses search engines to get the information
    they need. Think about what words or phrases people would
    be most likely to search to find the subject of your
    article. Choose the most likely of these keywords and put
    it in your title. It is best to put it as close to the
    beginning of your title as possible. This will increase the
    chance that your title appears high on the search list.

    Writing an effective title is the only way to get your work
    noticed online. Take some time on your titles to make sure
    your article is easy to find. Then make it interesting
    enough that once found people want to read your work.


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