Writing a Legitimate Book--What About ClickBank?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Xenn Master of Evil, Jul 2, 2010.

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    This is a bit of an off-topic post for a number of reasons, which is why I didn't want to put it in the ClickBank section.

    I'm writing a "regular" book, but I decided it would be easier to release it in the form of an ebook. The book is going to be very cheap (probably $5). Should I use ClickBank, or is that a bad way to go for selling this kind of book?

    Basically, I'm considering writing a book that I've been thinking about for a while. Now that I'm more familiar with all of the beautiful things that we talk about over here at BHW ;), I'm considering going the self-publishing route and using an ebook, since physical print and external publishing both come with a whole range of hassles that I don't want to deal with.

    The thing is, I plan for it to be a more "legitimate" book in the sense that I'd like to properly register the copyright with the U.S. Government, and to get a registered ISBN for the book. It won't just be a once-off quick-sell CB ebook in that sense (most of what I see on CB is HOW 2 GET RICH QUICK, How U Git Da Wimminz, etc.); it's my honest work, and it's intended to be consumed as such.

    Basically, I'm just wondering if ClickBank is an okay avenue to take with this kind of book. I really like the idea of independent advertisers for my work, even if I do have to give them most of the cut. The book is going to be very cheap in the end; I'll probably price it at around $5.

    My thinking on this is that it would be an easy sell for most affiliates. But since the book would be so cheap and not of the same sort typically on CB, is CB even the way to go?

    Also, how does CB release the content, exactly? Do I have to use a third-party website to facilitate the actual file transfer once the purchase is made? And how do I prevent people from simply copying the file to each other?:eek:

    Thank you for any opinions :)