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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to take on a handful of new buyers for whom I can personally write articles. I can provide you with 100% original, sole ownership, search engine optimized articles at a day's notice.

    I write the articles myself, and my command of English is second to none. I can provide my CV on request, but to keep you going I'm listing a couple of samples of my work at the bottom of this post.

    I work 7 days a week, eight hours a day, which will allow you to stop hunting around amongst fleeting service providers of part-time temperament. In all seriousness though, all the articles you receive will be completely original and won't be resold or rewritten in a similar form later.

    My rate is $5 per 500 word article. Payment through PayPal.

    Sample #1:

    Schopenhauer on a Hot Tin Roof: An analysis as would have been by Arthur Schopenhauer of the opening pages of Tennessee Williams' play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' (1955).

    From the first three pages we have an instant impression. On page 19 Tennessee Williams gives us an ambiguous paragraph; stage directions mixed with an insight into the character of Brick: ‘He has the additional charm of that cool air of detachment that people have who have given up the struggle. But now and then when disturbed something flashes behind it... which shows that at some deeper level he is far from peaceful'. In his work ‘Parerga and Paralipomena' Arthur Schopenhauer attributes this temperament to man's capacity to reason: ‘For reason is the faculty by virtue of which man lives not merely in the present, as the animal does, but surveys and ponders past and future, from which arises his capacity for foresight, his care and trouble, and the anxiety he so frequently feels'.
    In contrast Margaret enters Act One agitated, on page 19, by matters close at hand: ‘I'll tell you what they're up to, boy of mine! - They're up to cutting you out of your father's estate... Now we know that Big Daddy's dyin' of Cancer...' Schopenhauer explains this temperament of women by ‘their propensity for keeping in view the shortest road to a desired goal and in general what lies close at hand, which (men) overlook precisely because it is right in front of (their) noses'.

    Sample #2:

    Blood Diamonds

    The evocative branding of a subterranean industry; subterranean in both the way that diamonds are physically mined, and in the criminal organizations that trade them, is the romanticizing of a business that is anything but romantic, one that frankly excavates death. Otherwise named ‘Conflict Diamonds', Blood Diamonds are rocks that are collected, cut, and polished by organizations operating beyond the control a government. Men, women, and children are forced to work as slaves for these illegal organizations, who proceed to sell the diamonds to finance, amongst other things, the trafficking of drugs, guns, and prostitution. It often happens that professionally organized raids are made on shipments of diamonds that are being transported legally, before the diamonds are trafficked straight back into legal diamond trading without anyone questioning their legality.
    The root of this problem certainly lies in criminal organizations that produce or steal these diamonds, but other criminal faculties play their part in facilitating them. In having dealings with these people, corrupt traders, diamond smugglers, and arms merchants allow the underground diamond trade to continue. The phrase ‘Blood Diamonds' has been coined as an indication of the murder and torture, and other such means, that are common in this industry because of the vast sums of money that are involved.

    PM or leave a message and we'll start developing a strong working relationship:)
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