WPNewspaper Wordpress Theme Tutorial


Apr 18, 2009
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Hi, Does anyone here use WPNewspaper theme? Or, where can i find its tutorial? I've downloaded from the link posted here BTW. I am looking for its tutorial by searching in GG and can't find nothing but tutorial page on its official site. But, it asked for purchased email and log-in info
so i can't get it.
It would be grateful if anyone can share it. Thanks in advance!
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Why don't you just purchase the tutorial and support the creator?

Or just play around through trial and error....I've always learned alot more with trial and error. It may take longer, but I gain better understanding.
ivann - I would suggest that you learn how to create your own wordpress theme. That way you will not need that WPNewspaper theme tutorial. you could also make money for the themes you will be making.
tutorial for what? installation? what do you need to know about the theme?
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