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    Sorry but this is shared here before
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    <whining> Hey man nice share and all (even though it's been posted before a week or so ago) http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...42604-wordpress-mu-100-themes-28-plugins.html a quick search for "WPMU" showed it on the first page.

    But the asking for thanks is kinda lame. And not to single you out, but this was a convenient thread to say something about it. It's happening more & more and in my opinion it's BS. You say that you're only doing it "for the love of the community" when in actuality you're doing it to coerce people into pressing the thanks button for you. Which kinda makes having a thanks button pointless. It just like all new n00bs joining and posting "thanks man great share" in all the download threads. Bullshit to increase some worthless stat. Your post count isn't your penis size. Neither is how many times you've been thanked. It would be much better if you'd been thanked 5 times for things that really mattered than it would be if you were thanked 50 times and begged for it.

    WPMU rocks out though. register a pretty short domain & then use keyword based subdomains to build autoblogs; that's what I've toyed with. Seems to work pretty good, and is much easier to maintain in the long run. Oh, and your last link is fucked up. :)