WP Themes - Which to Trust?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by onlinewealth, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I've noticed on some themes that there are links back to other sites, I guess many times the links are to the theme developer's sites.

    I also had a WP site built for me a few months back, and asked in the forum why there were spaces between the URL and the actual pages like URL/ /page. I've never seen this before.

    Well BHW Jr VIP "GreyWolf" told me there reasons for that but he also reviewed my site and gave me a lot of information and that there was another Adsense ID on the site in several places.

    That post is here:


    With that said, how can you detect and find if there are Adsense IDs in a theme, and are there specific places where they're always at (if they're there)?

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    Sadly, if you're getting something built custom for you, then it's hard to be sure the person doing it isn't going to pull some shit like you mentioned and hide one of their adsense IDs in there or some backlinks or something else.

    The only way to be really sure is to agree with them that there is to be no external files referenced and also that there is no encryption/non-english encoding hidden away in there.

    Then you can just check through each file in notepad before uploading it to your server and check for things that shouldn't be.

    Aside from that, if you're sure you're gonna make money off the site in question, then maybe pay for a premium theme. Most won't cost more than 30-40 bucks.