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    May 8, 2014
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    I'm in the process of setting yet another venture.

    After reading a method about creating a wordpress site for free and get them to sign up for hosting under affiliate I thought I could give it a shot in my own way.

    I'm finding clients that have sh**y sites or no site at all and offer them to make a site for $100.
    I give them a story about I just finished my school and I need to build a portfolio so I offer them a site for $100 while normaly would be $500+ bla bla..

    (this is not 100% bs, I did finish my education as website developer but i couldn't care less about building a portfolio as my goal is not to build websites for others only in cases like this where I could make a returning money...)

    To set up the site will take me maybe 1 day as they will provide the information for me so I just costomize the theme and then update bits and peaces..

    Afterwards I will politely offer the client support "hosting and domain, and website updates" for $25 per month (can I increase this charge?? how much would you charge? I want a price that is good for me and would look like a bargain for the client)

    With a minimal 6 month contract and I want to set up a direct debit. Lets say every month on the 1st I charge their cc.

    Are there any online services that offer this function?


    Should I just send them a invoice every month and give them 7 days or I take down the site and when they complain I send them the site and tell them to figure it out themselves or pay me my fee.
    (my targets are people who I believe would not be website smart so they would kind of freak at that point)

    Now with 1 site this would be kind of useless but my goal is get like 20+ sites like this.

    2k for building sites + $500 per month for support. If it works out outsorce it and have money come in on autopilot.

    Maybe later add a extras such as SEO/Adwords campaigns and such maybe someone can recommend me some white label/ privet label service providers for reasonable prices?

    What you guys think? Would this plan work out anyone can give me some tips?
    My main question is about the recurring payment.. can I set up automatic CC charging system?

    Tips will be appreciated.. :)