wp-robot not posting? And some general autoblog questions.

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    Hey guys. I set up an autoblog recently, and when I put in the keywords i want and the rss feeds I want and made my first posts using the "bulk post" feature, everything went according to plan. I set the times when wp-robot should repost articles related to my keywords (24 hrs, 37 hrs, etc.), but nothing has happened since. Nothing seems wrong yet I cant figure out why it wont post.

    EDIT: Found my solution here in case anyone is facing similar problems:

    That was my main concern, but I do have some other questions. My first one is: If i advertise my blog well, is it necessary to use a lot of SEO and try to incorporate niche related keywords, or is that only for getting and organic increase in traffic?

    My second question is: I have a more complex, but nice and clean theme. Its very easy to navigate and see whats going on, but it has many tables and columns and such. Does this effect anything in terms of ranking and getting my site more traffic?

    On last question: Now that I think about it, I dont use the translate feature in my articles because the translations tend to mess up the fluency of the articles. Is this ok, or do I need to translate the articles?

    Thanks for all the help!
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