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    If I use a plugin to make my external links no-follow are they no follow all the time or are they just no follow when a visitor is on the page.

    For instance I know that many of the SEO internal linking plugins for SEO only show links when a visitor is on the page. When a visitor is not there than there is no link, so any anchor text value for the link is lost. (a good reason to do it by hand, not to mentions conserving server resources)

    Is the same true for no follow links. No follow when a visitor is there but do follow the rest of the time. I hope not because that would bleed a lot of authority/trust, right?

    Also, I thought WP was supposed to default to no follow. I just used the Moz bar on my site and everything was followed. I would not have noticed this but the Moz bar showed a loss of DA and PA and I could not figure why. I think it happened when I got rid of my SEO internal links plugin.

    I just want to know if this plugin competely fixes the problem or if it only does it when someone is looking (at one of my web pages).

    THanks for considering this question

    And, I would rather not use a plugin at all. Is there a way to make WP just make all the external links no follow without the plugin?
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