WP plugin alternative to advertising manager

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    May 28, 2009
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    this is the idea of the plugin I need
    but much less powerful and with 1 important difference

    it should have:
    - a backend page where webmaster can add, edit or remove advertisers from a list
    - on creating post page, the plugin should create a new input box (like, for example, simple post thumbnail) where webmaster can select one advertiser
    - plugin output should be managed with a funcion on template (as wp rating, or wp views) to allow webmaster to show it where he prefers
    - should have a link footer credit protection, in other words, the plugin should stop working if link is removed, I want to be able to change link any time I want, I hear for encoding suggestions

    if you try advertising manager plugin you'll easy understand what I need, AM add a drop down on insert content field, I want to manage its output separately, also don't need existings networks compatibility, advertisers shoul be added by webmaster manually

    wating for your questions, suggestions or quotes