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    I'm new so I though I would run through the 30DC mainly to make sure that "I Do" rather than just read the forums!

    So I got hosting with one of their recommended hosts and the blog wouldn't load through WP Directs site so fair enough one of WPD's staff did a manual install.

    They have integrated with M Samurai this year and I published a post directly from MS so I have to assume the blogs user/pass are right.

    But using the user-name/password listed in the WD direct control panel and they are the ones I remember, I can't login to my blog's own admin dashboard at blog/wp-admin. It's weird it should work I've tried a new password request but that didn't work either.

    Is WP Direct worth the bother? It has some nice features if they work but it's expensive as well.

    Have you found it worth the trouble? It's only one blog it's not a problem for me to do it my self.

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