woww just created a new gig on fiverr and already making money:)

for whoever missing Sir CEOSAM

Read it last night, he is so fucking stupid he cannot see they are ripping the shit out of him.
It's not that hard. Fiverr is the 132nd most visited website in the world. It's a great marketplace. It's basically a goldmine. People sell videos of themselves dancing in spandex. If they can make money doing that, just imagine what people on BHW with actual skills and talent can do.
Once you got something that works.. SCALE IT UP. MAke 10 more gigs, assume they make half the amount of that one.. and you'll be on $100+ a day
I just paused the gig because i only make 1.50$ per order because captcha cost too much. But what i would love too is sell my top rated seller account because im tired of fiverr. It still has about 200$ pending so how much do you think it would be worth including the 200$ pending?
Congrats on your success. Number one rule, don't get complacent.

Keep working smart, consistently.
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