wow my direct media buys dried up so looking for affiliates

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by shudogg, Sep 15, 2010.

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    I posted this in the Membership Sites section because it is about my membership site ;)

    Anyways, when i first launched I ran media buys and brought in a nice amount of members. So a few months later I am looking into getting some more and wow, all the sites worth anything are sold out. Amazing. And this isn't a project to run huge media buys on media networks. It is a side site, not my main baby.

    I know that majority of the people here on BHW don't make any real money and can't bring in barely anyone. (no offense). However there are some people around here who know what they are doing.

    I am looking for a few affiliates to promote my membership site. It is an online training site with good value to the members. I have brought in a bunch of people on my own, just looking to speed things up and get a few solid affiliates under its belt. (as we know, affiliates make the world go 'round)

    I AM NOT SELLING TO YOU or trying to get you into my membership site. Just an affiliate.

    I am willing to negotiate payout amounts to certain people. If you can bring in over 10 people a month, we can work out custom payout. All affiliates will start out at our default commission rates. Those who break 10, we will talk.

    We are talking about recurring commissions, plus 2nd level commissions :cool:

    2 options to promote. Standard is first month 1/2 off. So you get less the first month. However a 1/2 off deal helps bring in more people up-front. If needed, you can promote full price up front using a different link to help in your ROI.

    So in all, we are looking for a few solid affiliates. If you can bring people in and can back that up, lets talk!
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    My ads was having some road blocks all week, but it has opened back up now.