wow... but no cash!


Mar 27, 2009
Ok, it hasn't even been a month, but our site has gone to #32 for our keywords (out of 5M) and like third if you put quotes around it.
It is a phrase that gets like a 800 searches a day and is supposed to have an oci of like 80%.

Ok... here are our questions...

1. Do we just keep doing backlinks to get higher in the rankings?
2. We only are getting between 20 and 30 hits a day, how high do we have to go to start getting more hits?
3. We haven't made a dime yet from adsense. When do we start making bank :) ?
4. I hate to say this, but I am actually, kind of embarrassed by our content. How the heck do you get content that will make people want to click.

I really appreciate any feedback. It is because of you guys, and market samurai.. that we have gotten as far as we have.

I am Psyched!
Also... if anyone would like to look at the site and tell me what you think... I will gladly pm the links.
It seems like you have a site around a a certain niche or topic.

I would try, instead of ads, go and sign up for affiliate programs that have to do with your site. That's how you can make some serious cash, tbh.

If you'd like, you can PM me the link and i'll take a look at your site and put my 2 cents in.
congrats on you success :)
ok now for the answers
1st keep doing what you are doing with the backlinks
2nd 20-30 hits a day is good and now you know that you have a good keyword
3rd as soon as you have a lot of traffic so don't let the search engine be the only one source or traffic and income
4th much better cuz they wont be distracted by your content instead by your ad and if you feel that you would like a much better content well hire someone that does :) like me lol
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You should spend some cash on your main (traffic) pages, hire a good writer to write some real content, you can have crappy content to help build backlinks etc, just make sure what 95% of the users visit is good.
I pm'd you the link.
I am going to hunt up affiliates soon
I want to get some professional content for the site. But, I am kind of backwards... I don't want to spend anything on it... until the site makes its first dollar. Then I think I will start doing stuff to promote it (adwords) and get some professional content.
hmmm... maybe I should rethink my spend later philosophy. :D

It took about a month from content addition and promotion.
But, the thing is... if you put our keywords in quotes there are only 4000 pages.
But, when you remove the quotes it is like 5M.

We did the things said here.

  1. We used market samurai to narrow down our target keywords... we are in a horribly huge market, and needed to focus.
  2. We dugg all the content.
  3. We submitted the site to all the top blog sites.
  4. We have been doing blog comments on all the page rank 5 and higher blogs. But no more than like 4 or 5 a day.
  5. We have been trying to get edu backlinks, but it is really hard to do!
I think that is about it.

I guess it is time to hunt up affiliates!
do you have an RSS feed? If so, submit that to RSS feed directories and it'll build links to both main site and individual pages.
I submitted the rss feed to the top blog sites.
There are seperate rss feed directories?

Oh, I am a member of comission junction now... but nearly every single one of the ****ers that I am interested in denied me off the bat.

I guess I am going to have to search on the site for why that is.
What's your internal linking like? Are you money pages well linked to from the other pages with optimised anchor text?

I find that making the navigation bar links nofollow and developing some of the internal link can give you quite a boost when you're a new site.
You have the classic dilemma, decent rankings but no sales.

Now you need to learn copywriting and monetization skills.

Maybe see what the top ranking sites and advertisers are doing and basically copy them.

Links, anchor text, etc are all fine and well to spend some time on, but if you are selling or even doing CPA, you need to test.

Sounds like you are basically doing a WH site and if you want longevity try and create good content. No need to be in a hurry.

And no offense meant to anyone here but I'd recommend not letting anyone you don't really know, have any info about your site, unless of course, you aren't concerned or feel really secure, about someone else copying you.
Squelsh: Thanks, I am using drupal, and a flat sort of structure. All the articles are not only in sequence (i.e. page 1 2 .. end) But, also I have a menu item for each one.

I need to check if they are do follow.
Thanks, yeah... about passiing the site around.
I hope that the people who are asking are wanting to help and not copy it.

Ok, so I handed the site out to a few people... now I have like 300 hits a day.
I don't think those happened because of the improvement in ranking.
30 to 300 in 3 days? I could also be paranoid :D
Does it usually work that way as far as hits go?
Also, no one is clicking ads, *(#@&#@ :D

Which, comes back to .. Yeah, We are going to do some concentrating on
copywriting and some affiliate stuff. It would be nice to be able to get some
affiliates that don't reject us out of hand.

And, yeah. I am white hat with a touch of grey.
I don't mind PT Barnuming.... but I don't want to cross the line to something
truly black.
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WHOOPS! I got the google kabosh!!
For four days I went to four hundred hits a day!
Then Boom!
22 hits yesterday.
I disappeared from google altogether. All the links google has, when I
do a site search, is some stuff without the www in front of it.

Does this mean....
I have to keep building links.
Keep putting more content on.
And, keep trying to improve my monitization.
And....... wait like a mofo.

All I have to say is it was really fun! Except for the no money part!

Any advice, I would be glad to accept!
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The top three positions in google capture 62% of the traffic. Everytime you take a step down the traffic that that link gets is divided by four (on average) so unless your on the frontpage you wont get that much traffic with 800 daily searches.
man i just made a blog and got it to the top of the SERPS position 3 and 4 but no traffic WTF... does any on know or can tell me how to get trafffic... im getting very discouraged ova here...
the whole niche, to which my site belongs, gets 2,000 searches a day. My site gets 5 visitors out of that.

one other niche I am considering, is getting 60,000 searches per day. I am considering switching to that.

Basically, if your niche has thin traffic overall it will affect number of visits to your site.
If your keywords get 800 searches a day and you were getting 22 of them then jumped to 400/day you must have done something major and obviously google didnt end up likeing it.
Since this is the SEO forum and not PPC I would think there would have to be some major change done to jump that many clicks in a few days. Do you know what you did to up the hits or did your position jump up? Hard to say without seeing the site and doing some research which you already mentioned you have given to some people with hopes they wont copy your stuff. People are always copying someones working method, but in my world that amount of clicks is next to nothing. Not bragging at all, just we are all on different scales. Then again if its a super targeted niche 400 clicks could mean some fantastic sales. So without seeing things myself my best advice is to try to think of any changes you may have had/made and try and research if you jumped positions that made the traffic increase. Then after that any more changes/tweaks to make you dropoff. Alot of research to be done, I hope you can figure it out and get your traffic back!
the whole niche, to which my site belongs, gets 2,000 searches a day. My site gets 5 visitors out of that.

one other niche I am considering, is getting 60,000 searches per day. I am considering switching to that.

Basically, if your niche has thin traffic overall it will affect number of visits to your site.

I'd say dont switch anything, add on, add either a new domain or even a subdomain to the niche with the greater searches. I dont know how long you've had the site with the current niche, but creating a new domain or subdomain will let you keep the current rankings/traffic/links you currently have even if they are little. Just my opinion. A domain is fairly cheap, subdomain is free on most hosts.
Thanks guys,
Especially pubenemy, I figured it out... hehe... my bad!
I posted a comment with my link on the bottom at a certain pr9 site. I wanted it to be part of my sig.
But, I didn't specify that it was my sig.
So, the hits I got where misdirected, first of all.
And, second of all, it got me a couple of enemies. Oh well :p
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